Tuesday, 11 March 2008

2nd Kyu, Aikido

Yay, I just got 2nd Kyu Aikido!

I know I made a number of mistakes (like not avoiding and getting a tanto in the stomach :-/) but I obviously did well enough.

Recently I've been practicing randori-no-kata, shichi-hon-no-kuzushi, randori-no-kata-no-ura-waza and koryu-dai-san; all a long way from perfect, of course. And what did they ask me to do .... left-handed Randori-no-kata, tanto hikitategeiko and some free play. Oh well, it's all good stuff.

The general comments about the grading, and I know some apply to me, was that it needed to be more flowing with more movement and "life".

Comments on my personal performance was that I was getting a reasonable amount of movement in the tanto hikitategeiko, and that my kata was quite good. They obviously weren't watching the whole time ;-).

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